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The World of Work Podcast

Feb 22, 2021

James and James have an introductory conversation about power in the workplace. They discuss what power is, and some of the things that people can have in the workplace, that lend them power. The core anchor for this episode is French and Raven's bases of power.

Feb 8, 2021

James and Jane are joined by professor Alison Koslowski to discuss parental leave and the role that it plays in gender equality. The conversation explores the current state of parental leave, as well as things that individual, leaders and policy makers can to to help increase equality within access to, and use...

Feb 1, 2021

James and Jane are joined by Mike and Ed from the Shackleton Group for a conversation about leadership and organizational development. The conversation is anchored in Mike and ed's experiences as leaders in the US Marines, where they were both aviators. The discussion explores lessons from the Marines, and how to bring...