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The World of Work Podcast

Aug 7, 2023

Discover the priceless currency of emotional salary — the intangible rewards that fuel our souls and elevate our work to new heights. Redefine success, find fulfillment, and create a workplace where hearts thrive alongside paychecks. Join us as we sit with Clodagh Beaty, a visionary co-creator of the Emotional Salary Barometer. In this conversation, Clodagh challenges traditional notions of compensation. She delves into the realm of emotional salary — an innovative framework that explores the intangible rewards we receive from our work environment. She uncovers the profound impact of emotional salary on our overall well-being, job satisfaction, and sense of fulfillment. Clodagh also reveals how an enhanced understanding of emotional salary can lead to a more harmonious and rewarding work experience. By embracing the power of emotional salary, we can create a world where work truly becomes a source of inspiration and personal growth. Tune in now and unlock a renewed passion for what you do.