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The World of Work Podcast

Nov 20, 2023

The workplace is not just a place for us to utilize our technical skills; it is also a place where we have to navigate various psychological dynamics. An organisational psychologist is the best person who can assist us in this area. Back for the second part of our conversation on organisational psychology, Dr. Hayley Lewis of Halo Psychology dives deeper into what the profession can offer. She breaks down the key characteristics that make a good organisational and occupational psychologist in the field. Working as translators to the public about the world of work psychology, Dr. Lewis also shares how practitioners can get better at informing more people about the things that can help them. From simplifying and providing access to research to utilizing social media, she shows ways to engage more people and bring them into the fold. What is more, Dr. Lewis shares three theories that are fundamental to the workplace. Don’t miss out on this jam-packed conversation that can help transform the world of work!